Ahmet Ozkan is the founder of Istanbul Tai Chi Club. He took his first formal tai chi education in Yang style from Master Yang Jwing Ming at Yang’s Martial Arts Association (YMAA) based in Boston, USA in 2003. Later he developed interest in Chen style as it is the originial taichi which the other styles evolved from and attended the workshops of Master Liu Yong, an outstanding internal disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, in Manchester, U.K. at British Chen Style Tai Chi College in 2004 and 2005 focusing mainly on solo forms of Laojia, sword, broad sword and the 18 forms. Master Liu Yong and Sue Johnson, founder of British Chen Style Tai Chi College, suggested him starting to give Chen style tai chi classes in Turkey.

In 2006, when Liu Yong visited England between June 16th and July 5th he took private classes from the Master on push hands and applications as well as the new frame first routine. In April 2007, he visited China for the first time and trained with Master Liu Yong in the Manlian Taichi Club Center in Lianyungang and Beijing on Xin Jia Yi Lu, Er Lu and 5 types of push hands at a higher level. In October 2007, in England he trained with the master on 5 types of push hands with directional changes and revision of solo forms. In 2008, in Bournemoth, England he trained with master Liu Yong on push hands and dadao. In 2009, he invited the master for the first time to Istanbul for a series of workshops and also trained with him on Lao Jia, broadsword, sword and Xin Jia revisions as well as push hands and standing qigong. In May 2011, he trained in a more advanced level with the master who visited Turkey for the second time. In May 2012, during Master Liu Yong's Istanbul visit, he learned Chen taichi spear solo form from him.

Ahmet Ozkan teaches 18 and 9 form routines, old form first routine (74 forms), old form second routine (40 forms), new frame first and second routines, single sword (49 forms) and single broadsword (23 forms) and push hands.

Ahmet Ozkan received his BS degree in mechanical engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul in 1992 and his MBA from the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor, USA in 1995. He worked in Istanbul in investment banking as a financial analyst for 7 years. He works in the carbon finance consulting sector.