After Master Liu Yong's taichi workshop in Istanbul, in May 2012

Upon our invitation, Master Liu Yong who is Chenjia Gou Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan 20th generation inheritor, indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei and head of Manlian International Taichi Club in Lianyungang, China visited Istanbul for the third time between May 20th and 27th, 2012 to give a taichi demonstration at Bogazici University Confucius Institute and then a week-long taichi workshop at Acıbadem WSA. Once again the master fascinated us with his amazing power born out of softness and stillness! In his, qigong, taichi and push hands classes the charming master this time emphasized the importance of point breathing and fajing application at the point of mutual contact as well as the usual circular, yin-yang nature of taichi. The master showed that soft quiet body and mind are always the main requirement of taichi to develop effective body power explosion (fajing) and defense ability. He also pointed out that the source of power and defense comes from the good rooting of legs to the ground to be transferred to the extremities by the turning ability of our waist and other joints of the body. Seeing what real taichi was as both a martial art and health promoting activity, the attendees to the workshop had a rewarding and astonishing experience with him.

After Master Liu Yong's taichi workshop in Istanbul, in May 2011

Master Liu Yong who is Chenjia Gou Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan 20th generation inheritor, indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei and head of Manlian International Taichi Club in Lianyungang, China gave a taichi demonstration and a week-long taichi workshop in Istanbul between May 15th and 21st, 2011. Those who witnessed the gifted master’s exceptional power and speed were quite surprised that at the heart of taichi’s fast and powerful “yang” nature lies its soft and tranquil nature, namely “yin”. The master explained taichi’s philosophy, how the cultivation and preservation of qi in nice, soft standing and dynamic qigong movements is then converted to instantaneous power explosion with a lightning speed called fa jing in taichi. In both solo forms and push hands applications classes, he emphasized the importance of relaxation, easing the mind and body first and using the body’s gravity center in moving it as one block in the circular nature of taichi. He informed us as to  how taichi is useful to health mentally and physically. The master’s body itself was a good manifestation of taichi’s yin-yang nature. We were amazed to see when we tried to push him, we encountered a structure like a well- rooted steel block wrapped in cotton or an immovable waterball, softness in hardness or hardness in softness. In the demo and workshops in Istanbul, people with different taichi experiences and from different nationalities including, Germany, USA, Malaysia, China, Korea, Holland, Turkey, Palestine obtained a deep and different insight to taichi after his classes. Through his humble, charming teaching style and personality, Master Liu Yong left people with warm feelings and amazements hoping to meet him next time in Istanbul!     

Chen Taichi Workshop and Demo with Master Liu Yong, May 15th-21st, 2011

One of the most notable Chen Taichi Masters of China, Master Liu Yong is coming to Turkey for the second time! Master Liu Yong who visited Turkey in 2009 upon our invitation and is Wushu Six-stage Master of the People's Republic of China Chenjia Gou Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan 20th Generation Inheritor Indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei Head of Manlian Taichi Club, Lianyungang, China visits us again!

Master Liu Yong is going to give a free taichi demo on May 15th, 2011 between 15.00 - 17.00 at New Hall, North Campus Boğaziçi University. The demo is free and everyone is invited. Don’t miss one of China’s most notable taichi masters!

Master Liu Yong is going to give taichi workshops between May 16th – 21st, 2011 at Acıbadem World Sport Academy. If you want to attend the workshop classes please contact me for program details. You may see contact details on the contact page of this web site.  

Chen Taichi Workshop on January 12th, 2011

I am planning to hold a Chen taichi workshop at Acibadem World Sport Academy on January 12th, 2011 between 20.30-22.30. It is open to everyone. No prior experience is required. I request those who are interested to let me know please.

Subject: Theory, standing qigong, dynamic qigong, silk  reeling movements

Clothing: Sports shoes, comfortable sports trousers  

Workshops with Master Liu Yong in Istanbul, 17-24 May 2009

Master Liu Yong, who is one of the leading masters of Chen style taichi and the president of the Man Lian taichi Club in Lianyungang, China visited Istanbul, Turkey for the first time between May 17 and 24, 2009.  The workshop included qigong, Lao Jia Yi Lu and push hands classes for beginners. The master gave comprehensive information as to how the circular nature of movements should show in taichi forms. The Master's excellent performance in the demonstration dazzled the audience. The push hands classes included applications too. The last push hands class resembled a wrestling class while the students were trying to push each other! The visit of of this great Chen taichi master for the first time in Turkey left the students and the Master with warm feelings in hopes to meet again.

Workshops with Master Liu Yong in England in October, 2008

Between October 20th and 26th, I trained with Master Liu Yong in Bournemouth, England. He was invited by Marc Ditcher of Manlian Taichi Club South England to give a series of workhops. Once more we witnessed the amazing speed, power and deep knowledge of this distinguished master and tried to learn as much from him as possible. This year in my private lessons with the master I trained on some push hands applications of peng, lu, ji, an and cai, lie, zhou, kao. Also for the first time I started to learn the kwan dao (da dao) series of the Chen style from him and became his first international student to learn this form!

Workshops with Master Liu Yong in England in October, 2007

Between October 19th and 25th, I trained with Master Liu Yong in Manchester, England. He was invited by the British Chen Style Taichi College to give a series of workhops. Once again the master fascinated the audience with his dazzling performance in the demonstrations, in which I also had the honor to be his push hands partner. This time I had the opportunity to train with the Master on the following subjects in our daily private and group classes:

·       Review of 5 types of push hands

·       Directional changes in moving push hands;

Instead of stepping back and forth in double handed push hands, the leading partner steps forward while pushing after rollback. This prepares the student to defend against a series of strong forward attacks

Usage of back steps against a strong force until it yields to zero and then attacking back

Instead of stepping forward in double handed push hands with walking, the defender steps backward diagonanally so that one leg crosses his other leg from behind to lead the push of the partner to a forward circular path until it yields to zero and to topple the opponent over as well in a large rollback   

·       Review of the selected movements in Lao Jia and Xin Jia

·       Review of the sword form

·       Taichi theory class and how it applies to everyday life 

My first China visit to train with Master Liu Yong in 2007

Between April 12nd and 26th, 2007, I trained with Master Liu Yong in China. This was my first China visit ever. Before, our studies mainly had focused on learning the movements in solo forms, directions and angels, trying to keep the body straight, relaxing the shoulders, the crotch, bending the knees, sinking the elbows. That stage was characterized as the first level of taichi. However, this time in China, I, for the first time, started to study, especially on Xin Jia Yi Lu, the second level (dui) of the total of five levels in Chen taichi. This can be considered an intermediate level and is characterized by feeling the internal movement of energy, circular body movements rather than stiff hand movements of the first level and showing these on the forms.  

In China, I trained with master Liu Yong on the following subjects:

  • Ø Xin Jia Yi Lu
  • Ø Xin Jia Er Lu
  • Ø Single and double handed stationary push hands
  • Ø Double handed moving push hands
  • Ø Double handed moving push hands with big and lower postures
  • Ø Double handed moving push hands with walking
  • Ø Corrections on Lao Jia Yi Lu

In our push hands studies, special emphasis was on being soft and closing and controlling the elbow joint of the opponent so that during push and pull down it shold not create a threat, thus the opponent’s body center can easily be destroyed. In Xin Jia forms, we focused on short explosive movements and the execution of these forms in a smooth, circular and dan tian led fashion.

I spent the first ten days in Lianyungang, Master Liu Yong's hometown, and the last four days in Beijing seeing many tourist attractions. Everybody was so interested in and friendly to me as I was the first Turk they had met. At every dinner in different restaurants I was specially hosted by large groups of Master Liu Yong’s students with a fine selection of Chinese cuisine particularly some fish and vegetable types that I had never seen before!

The workshops in England in 2006 with Master Liu Yong

I spent two busy weeks with Master Liu Yong in Brighton, Bournemouth and Manchester between June 16th and July 2nd, 2006. He was hosted by Brendan Burnett in Bournemouth, by Alastair Wamsley in Brighton and by Sue Johnson in Manchester. They run the affilated taiji schools of Manlian in England. We focused on single handed and double handed push hands and applications as well as the new frame first routine in our private classes. The group classes were on qigong, chi gathering and holding, push hands applications, saber and Laojia froms and developing different types of fajin. Master Liu Yong’s exhibitions and workshops attracted people from other martial arts like karate and Shaolin long fist kungfu practitioners as well. They were amazed by the exceptional fajin he produces and his ability in martial applications. The master demonstrated correct breathing techniques and how superior attacks are when they are originated from dantian thereby the body over those originated from external hand or other extremity movements only. Aged people also utilized the workshops a lot by learning chi gathering qigong series and reviewing the solo forms. It was notable that their performance and number had increased over the last year.

Master Liu Yong is going to have extensive workshops in India and Srilanka during the summer in 2006. Workshps in Spain and Canada are in his plans. He is quite interested in helping develop taichi in Turkey and we plan to bring him to Istanbul for a series of workshopsand exhibitions next year.